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  • Zoya Nail Polish Evergreen 15ml
  • Zoya Nail Polish Evergreen 15ml
  • Zoya Nail Polish Evergreen 15ml
  • Zoya Nail Polish Evergreen 15ml
  • Zoya Nail Polish Evergreen 15ml
  • Zoya Nail Polish Evergreen 15ml
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Zoya Nail Polish Evergreen 15ml - Neon

Evergreen is an electric green neon cream. For best results, apply Zoya in Purity before Ultra Brites for an added pop of color. Ultra Brites dry matte but can be worn with a top coat to add a high shine finish. We recommend Naked Glossy Seal.

Follow these steps to maximize the wear of Zoya Nail Polish on natural nails:

  • Always start with a clean nail. Having residue or excess oils on your nail plate can significantly reduce nail polish wear.
  • Use Zoya Remove to remove old nail polish, clean the nail plate and condition the nail.
  • Always use a base coat. Base coat's protect the nail from staining as well a providing a flexible high adhesion surface for nail polish. Zoya Anchor is best for regular nails, while Zoya GetEven is ideal if you have ridges.
  • Use a top coat! Top coats protect your nail color from external chips and dents and give it a high gloss finish. Try Zoya Armor which uses same polyurethane technology that protects the space shuttle.
  • Seal The Deal! Using a polish drying accelerator drops like Zoya HurryUp will cut your drying time in half, as well as seal your base coat, nail polish and top coat together for a stronger more flexible. Following these 5 steps guarantees up to 14 days of wear on natural nails.

Why Zoya Nail Polish?

Zoya Nail Polish combines the most sought-after fashion nail colors with the longest-lasting, safest technology in nail care. Zoya's 300-plus stylish nail polish shades are all formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate(DBP) and camphor free.

Founded in 1986, Zoya focuses on high quality products for professional salons and spas. Zoya Nail Polish was the first to create a Big 3 free formula, placing an emphasis on the health and well-being of their clients. This focus has continued with the move to a Big 5 free formula and now 10 free, removing toxic and harmful ingredients. Zoya's long-wearing formula provides health-conscious nail products that translate runway trends to everyday. Today, Zoya is the choice of wellness-minded salons, celebrities and royalty worldwide.

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