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A15 - Exfoliating Anti-Wrinkles

Monoderma A15 contains pure Retinol (Vitamin A) at a concentration of 0.15% and it is indicated to treat the acne and the consequent skin disease and the seborrheic dermatitis. It protects from the photo-damaging and other anomalies of the keratinisation. The MonoDermoDose packaging is the unique able to maintain unaltered the properties of the pure Vitamin A allowing it to be always active even if in presence of sunlight and when in contact with the oxygen.

Use sparingly, make sure you always use a sunscreen as vitamin A can make you more sensitive to sunlight. Apply the contents of the capsule to your skin, excluding the eye area. Apply at night time to clean skin and  start buy using one capsule every other day, until you can build up to applying to the skin nightly.

Vitamin A (Retinol) "The Metabolic Vitamin"

Monoderma A15 refines skin texture and improves cellular regeneration, it is indicated to help:

  • Adult, acne-prone, seborrheic skin
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Anti-ageing (boosts skin metabolism)
  • A 28 day course of vitamin A effectively reduces the visible signs of skin ageing
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth

The Benefits of Vitamin A

  • Responsible for the renewal of skin cells within the epidermal tissue.
  • Retinol regulates the skin's renewal process and protects the epidermal cells
  • It has shown to be effective in preventing and delaying skin aging
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Performs a gentle exfoliating and smoothing action
  • Has a clear effect of reducing wrinkles

Use of MonoDerma A15:
Suitable for mature and pre-maturely aged skin for anti-aging
Also suitable for skin prone to acne

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