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CND Solar Oil 7.3ml - A Vitamin Infused oil That Helps To Protect Your Nails and Cuticles
What is Solar Oil?
A synergistic blend of naturally light oils and vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect skin and nails and especially excellent for dry, damaged cuticles.
This Award-winning cuticle oil is infused with jojoba oil. Repeated use drives nutrients in deeper, creating stronger, healthier nails and hydrated cuticle area, plus this
solar-packed oil keeps your hands soft and supple, and the resuts keep getting better with each application. You will see results within days!
Your will find that your nails hold colour and enhancements better, your nails will feel stronger and are more flexible. CND Solar Oil works wonders on everybody's nails and cuticles,
that's why manicurists everywhere recommend this. A fantastic product that really works if you use it daily, it is especially beneficial to use (A MUST HAVE!) if you use cnd vinylux on your nails or shellac.
What CND Solar Oil Does
Jojoba Oil carries vitamin E deeply into skin to help reduce visible signs of aging. Naturally light oils keep skin soft and supple.
Keeps natural nails, nail colour and nail enhancements tough and flexible.
Repeated use drives oils deeper into natural nails and nail enhancements, maximizing the benefits and reducing service breakdown.
Why YOU Need It
Super-penetrating formula conditions skin and nails.
Featured Ingredients and Benefits
Jojoba seed Oil (simmondsia Chinensis):  Deeply penetrating natural oil for excellent moisturising and conditioning.
Jojoba Oil acts like a carrier to increase penetration of other ingredients.
Vitamin e (tocopheryl acetate): Antioxidant known to neutralize free radicals associated with premature aging of the skin; softens
and moisturises.
Sweet almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus Dulcis): Softens and conditions.

How to Use
Apply daily to top and underside of nails and massage into surrounding skin.

Good Ideas on How to Use Solar Oil!
Apply at bedtime to maintain healthy nails and cuticles.
Apply after buffing natural nails or enhancements to achieve a high shine.
For intensive moisture treatment, apply to nails and skin.
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil,
Parfum (Fragrance), Tocopheryl Acetate.


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