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Glo Minerals Makeup ROCKS!
Introducing Glo Minerals Makeup Ever since Inika Mineral Makeup went into receivership and now been bought out by another company, I have been looking for another mineral makeup range, that I could use for myself and in our beauty salon. I was introduced to Glo Minerals and I have been trying out the mineral make up for myself and I believe the quality of the foundations and outstanding, they really provide really good coverage for your skin, feel really nice on the skin and last all ..
We Welcome Brooklan Tree Skin Care
We have been looking for an organic skin care range for a while and are pleased to introduce Brooklan Tree to our online store. We was recommended this range and tried the glourious products and fell in love with this safe, gentle and beautiful organic skin care range. Brooklan Tree is made in South Australia it's a small range of organic skin care, body and baby products that are a delight for the senses, gentle on the skin and smell beautiful. My particular favourite is the Bug Be G..
Just Loving Tea Tonic
Why We Love Australia's Tea Tonic We decided to try Tea Tonic in our salon, I really wanted to try complexion tea for myself as sometimes my skin "lapses" and it does not matter what I do to my skin I get breakouts ever so often. After drinking Tea Tonic's Complexion Tea for three weeks twice a day, my skin has gone amazing - so clear and healthy and the reason why this tea is so good is because it is a cleansing tonic not just for the face but the body. Sometimes people with breakouts su..
Your Skin and Stress Being under pressure, feeling stressed or rundown can trigger or heighten skin problems. Stress can lead to breakouts on the neck and sides of the face, thickening of eyebrow hair and fine facial stress lines may appear. Long term stress is also responsible for premature ageing and can lead to or flare up more serious chronic conditions like psoriasis, eczemaand hyperpigmentation.   When your stressed, the skin's repair mechanisms are also compromised whi..
How Can I Avoid Premature Aging?
Skin Aging | How Can I Control Skin Aging? An effective line of defense will help control ROS, MMPs, and AGEs that trigger the signs of skin aging.   Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are dangerous forms of oxygen molecules generated by UV rays and pollution. They attack an dreact with stable molecules within skin cells, causing irreversible damage to the cell, triggering wrinkles and lessening skin's natural ability to repair itself. Topically applied vitamin C and E antioxidant..
Welcome to Australia Beauty Shop
Welcome to Australia Beauty Shop Hi there, we just wanted to say a few words to welcome your to our site. We're a mother and daughter skin care therapist team with a professional skin care centre and day spa in South Australia. We love all things beauty, skin care, nail polish and fashion and wanted to keep you informed of the trends, new beauty gadgets and advances in skin care, to help you make more of an informed choice on your beauty and skin care needs.   We love to help..